Pretty Power Storage by Tesla

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Tesla Batteries

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Tesla has taken a gamble on home electricity storage batteries

Tesla is producing lithium-ion batteries for buildings. Why? To store electricity that can be used when demand is at its greatest and reduce household bills.

Transforming the energy infrastructure in order to consume less and reduce CO2 emissions is one of tomorrow’s greatest challenges. One of the keys to this energy transformation is energy storage: how can it be stored when it is cheapest and then be restored when demand is high?
Specializing in luxury electric cars, California-based Tesla Motors also owns Solarcity, a photovoltaic panel manufacturer. The combination has led to the creation of Tesla Energy, which designs batteries for the home that can store energy. The principle is simple: the battery is charged by means of solar panels installed on the outside of the building or simply stores energy from the power grid during off-peak hours. Dubbed Powerwall, this compact, stylish battery has a capacity of 7 to 10 kWh, which will fulfil the energy consumption needs of a home for an evening – if there was enough sunshine during the day. The Powerwall attaches to the wall like a radiator and is priced at around 3,000 dollars.

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