Hi there! My name is Jackie.

I’m not an environmental activist. I’m not an expert on sustainability. I don’t recycle. I’m not a vegan. I don’t drive an EV. I have no idea what my carbon footprint is…. not yet anyway. This is just the start of my journey.

I am a person living in the real world. I believe that we should make it a better place. I like the idea of being less dependant on electricity. One day I’d like to live “off the grid”, and give back as much as I take from the water, earth and air.

But for now, this is my website about me being curious, and sharing everything I find interesting about the environment, sustainability, conservation and a better, healthier life for myself, this planet, and the coming generations.


Where it Started

My interest in the “environment” started with a TV program, Grand Designs. I saw many people trying to build houses and buildings that give back to the environment, or at the very least take it into consideration in the building process.

From there it was a slippery (but green) slope towards a flood of ideas, drawings, youtube video clips and a dream of one day building my own house. Many sleepless nights followed. My hubby then suggested I direct my passion towards a blog. Thus eco27.co.za was born! The “27” refers to South Africa’s dialing code (+27) by the way.


A quick disclaimer

Keep in mind that English is my second language, and I’m definitely not a literary genius, but the things I post one here come from a place of passion… maybe that will make you see past the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes 😉

Please share

Quite often I’ll post ideas, articles, videos and material by other people. If you have something to share, be it a product, idea, theory or concept, you’re welcome to leave a comment on a post or email me the details and I’ll gladly post it on here for you.


One last thought…

There are so many great eco-conscious ideas, products, concepts and people out there. I hope this website will give me the opportunity to not only put my (and others’) ideas and interests in one place, but maybe also share and inspire folks to think just a little bit differently about how they live on this planet, and what they leave behind.

Sometimes to make a change, you don’t have to shout, you don’t have to kick, you don’t have to fight… you just have to share. Thank you for giving me that opportunity by visiting this website.

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