24 Creative Uses for Shredded Paper that You May Never Have Thought of

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Are you constantly tossing out junk mail or old newspapers? Do you shred private information like bank statement, old bills, or credit card statements?

If so, what do you do with the shredded paper afterward? If you don’t shred any of the above-mentioned items, maybe you should start for privacy sake and for recycling purposes.

But you may think, “I don’t do these things because I don’t want shredded paper everywhere.”

Well, I totally get it. In fact, I’ve been there but then my husband talked me into shredding our paper. I am happy to say that we have found many great uses for it.

Not only do I not have to worry about my private information ending up in the wrong hands, but I also take comfort in knowing that I’m utilizing what was once garbage to me.

Uses for Shredded Paper

Here are different ways to utilize your shredded paper:

1. Pack with It

The first option you can use shredded paper for is as packing material. I just got done with a large move so this is what came to mind first.

So if you are planning a move, don’t spend a fortune on packing materials. Instead, shred up yesterday’s newspaper and make it today’s packing material.

2. Sachet Anyone?

I had never heard of a sachet until my mother-in-law made me one for Christmas one year. It is a neat little pouch filled with good smelling items that you place in a drawer for a nice aroma.

Well, you can scent shredded paper with good smelling scents (like using perfumes or essential oils). Then place it in a pouch for a neat homemade sachet.

3. Give it Away

You may think nobody would want your useless shredded paper, but you would most likely be incorrect with that logic.

If you have a vet’s office or an animal shelter nearby, they would probably gladly take your shredded paper as bedding for the animals.

4. Let Your Chickens Use It

This is why we began shredding our paper. I got tired of buying material for our nesting boxes. It can get rather costly after all. Not to mention, you just toss it out when the chickens poop all over it.

So I began filling our nesting boxes with shredded paper. The chickens like it to lay in, and I don’t feel so bad when I toss it after they’ve had fun dirtying it up.

5. Let Your Rabbits Use It

I kind of felt the same way with our rabbits. Our female rabbits keep nesting boxes inside their hutches full time. They like to lay in them and climb on top of them.

But they need material inside the nesting boxes because it makes it easier to keep them clean. This is where we began utilizing our shredded paper.

6. Toss it into the Litterbox

If you have indoor cats, then you know how expensive cat litter can be. It is also important to find a kind that clumps to make easier cleaning and also deodorizes too.

Well, you can add shredded paper to the litterbox to help stretch that expensive litter. It won’t stop you from having to buy it, but it can hopefully help you have to buy it less often.

7. Make Your Own Paper DIY Style

Have you ever thought about using your old paper to recycle it into new paper, and then doing it all at home.

Well, you can! Here is a tutorial to show you how to take that old shredded paper and make it new again.

8. Get Creative with Paper Mache

I remember doing paper mache as a kid. It was always neat the things our art teacher taught us to make. It kind of makes me want to make some paper mache with my own kids.

Well, with the excess shredded paper I have, I probably can. If you’d like to give that a try too, here is a tutorial to help you along.

9. Use it in Your Garden

When my chickens and rabbits get done using my shredded paper, this is what I do with it next. I use it in my garden or add it to my compost pile.

Now, you don’t have to let your animals use your shredded paper first in order to compost or plant in it. For me, I just like to get multiple uses out of it. Plus, the animal’s poop is good for my plants too.

10. Turn it into a Fire Starter

If you use wood heat during the winter, then you will most likely need a fire starter. There are many different ways to create your own fire starters.

But with using shredded paper, you can use wax, shredded paper, and an egg carton. Or you can use toilet paper rolls stuffed with shredded paper as a fire starter too.

11. Toss it in the Wood Stove

If you have a wood stove, you’ll need kindling to get a fire going. We always used small pieces of wood to get it going.

But you can also use shredded paper to help a fire along as well. Just toss it in with other pieces of wood until the flames begin to roll.

12. Decorate the Chicken Coop

This is another way I use our shredded paper. You can cover your chicken coop floor with many different items.

For instance, you can use hay, straw, pebbles, or mulch. But you can also cover the chicken coop floor with shredded paper as well. It is actually a great option because it composts well and bugs don’t really care for it, in my experience.

13. No-Dig Gardening

We tried no-dig gardening once upon a time. Here is how you can start your own no-dig garden, and here was my experience with the process.

But if you enjoy it, then you’ll want to save your shredded paper. It works really well as a base for your soil since it composts well.

14. Give it to Your Green Beans

Did you know that your green bean seeds need lots of moisture when first planted? This is where your shredded paper can come in handy.

So once you have your green beans planted, cover them gently with shredded paper. This will help protect them and retain moisture simultaneously.

15. Security for Your Seeds

Along the same lines, when you plant new seeds in your garden, you don’t have to leave them out in the garden and hope for the best.

Actually, you can take one additional step. You can cover those seeds in shredded paper. It helps to protect them and retain moisture too.

16. Skip the Mulch

You may not think of shredded paper as an option for mulch, but it is. If you don’t have any mulch on hand and don’t want to spend the money to buy some, then save your shredded paper.

Then you can use it to cover the ground around flowers, shrubs, fruit plants, and anywhere else you may need it. Once you have the ground fully coated, you’ll want to wet it to keep it in place and then can cover it with straw or pine needles to secure it and make it look a little better.

17. Stuff It

Would you consider using your shredded paper as a way to stuff things? Well, you should because it can work well and is free.

So the next time you need a scarecrow out in your garden or even a pillow you may be using on an outdoor swing or bench, use your shredded paper to save some money in the process.

18. A Worm’s Playground

We talked here about how to raise mealworms. We also talked here about how to raise red worms for profit or use.

So part of that process is creating bedding for your worms. Well, save your shredded paper and then you’ll have free bedding for them too.

19. Start Some Seeds


Starting seeds doesn’t have to be a difficult process. You can learn how to do it here, and also learn how to get seeds inexpensively too.

But to put your shredded paper to use, make these neat pots from it to start your seeds in. It looks to make life much easier.

20. Create a Work of Art


Did you know that you could literally turn shredded paper into art? Well, you can. This is only meant for inspiration.

But check this site out and see how they created an entire canvas from shredded paper. It looks really cool!

21. Sensory Bin


If you have small children, then you’ll love this idea. But it also works for older kids that might be struggling with Sensory Process Disorder.

Actually, my youngest son has been facing this struggle pretty much his whole life. So it is neat to find inexpensive ways, like this sensory bin, to help kids learn new skills.

22. Turn Paper into Bricks

Did you know that you could turn your shredded paper into bricks? According to this tutorial you can!

But what makes it even better is that they are easily stackable in your fireplace or wood stove so they can help you keep warm this winter.

23. Grass for Baskets

Easter baskets are always lots of fun for kids to have. They are usually bright and colorful and filled with candy and toys.

But you no longer have to purchase that pesky grass stuff to stuff them with. Instead, you could use shredded paper and color it. It is a great way to save a little money on that basket next year.

24. Paper Bouquet


Here is a great way to use all of your scrap paper whether it is shredded or not. Do you like to buy people flowers but hate how expensive they are?

And maybe you aren’t the greatest at growing your own flowers? Well, don’t fret because these paper bouquets are gorgeous, unique, and thoughtful gifts that can be made for a lot less than most flower arrangements.

Well, you now have 24 different options for utilizing your shredded paper. Hopefully one of them will inspire you!

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