Telkom’s impressive new solar park

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Telkom’s new photovoltaic solar farm at its campus in Centurion is fully operational, and is providing around 16MWh per day.

Construction of Telkom’s new photovoltaic solar farm at its campus in Centurion was recently completed, and is now fully operational.

Telkom’s solar park produces 16MWh of power per day, and covers roughly 1,800 car ports.

Solar panels are mounted on angled car port roofs. Telkom said it reconfigured the parking on its campus to ensure maximum gain throughout the day.

In addition to configuring the car ports with the solar panels in mind, Telkom said it re-engineered the parking structures to handle gale-force winds.

Telkom used the latest solar panel technology available, which is heat resistant, wind resistant, and hail resistant. The panels have a 25-year lifespan.

In August Telkom’s solar park generated 484MWh of energy, which is in line with the targets which the company placed during the building process.

“The park is currently close to reaching the 3MW peak load expected during the sunniest part of the day, and averages around 2.5MW peak per day,” Telkom said.

Telkom will now be embarking on a feasibility study for the expansion of solar and other sustainability linked initiatives throughout Telkom properties.

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