Tesla’s New Powerwall 2 Which can Power a Two-Bedroom House for a day

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The next evolution in home energy storage is here! The Tesla Powerwall 2 announced today by Elon Musk at the Tesla event in California will be coming into the market in 2017 with an incredible 14kWh of battery storage, double it’s version 1 predecessor.

The second generation of the Tesla Powerwall, Powerwall 2, is a battery primarily designed to store the excess power generated from solar panels for use at night time when the sun is not shining and also to provide the home backup power during blackouts and brownouts.

Powerwall 2’s supported applications are:

  1. Maximising solar self-consumption
  2. Time of use load shifting
  3. Provide backup power
  4. Be used in Off-Grid solutions

Cycled daily, the Powerwall 2 with its whopping 14kWh of battery storage has enough energy storage to power a typical 4 bedroom family home for the night and well into the morning.  This allows homeowners to virtually go off-grid, paying mere peanuts to their energy retailers for the little energy, if any, that would be purchased from the grid.  With a single Powerwall 2, you could power a typical 2 bedroom home for the entire day and night free from grid power utilising only your solar and Powerwall 2.

Powerwall 2 is a sleek, compact, stackable unit with a built-in inverter which is able to be mounted on the floor or on the wall, indoors or outdoors.

Read more and full details: Natural Solar

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