As various sectors start on the path of economic recovery from the impact of the pandemic, it could easily be assumed that the cleaning industry will be one of the first to experience profitable growth.

Industries that usually employ contract cleaners have been hard hit by the pandemic and in an attempt to cut costs might consider cancelling cleaning contracts or try to insource these services. At the same time, health and safety have taken centre stage therefore, in any business cleaning costs should be the last expense to be considered as a cost saving effort.

Regardless of the impacts of Covid-19 businesses need to enhance their cleaning protocols and will be looking to boost levels of cleanliness. “There certainly are opportunities but it is not without it’s challenges. With the introduction of new standards and requirements the cleaning industry as a whole now has to re-evaluate priorities,” says Emma Corder, Managing Director of industrial cleaning products manufacturer Industroclean.

“A one size fits all approach cannot be applied to all sectors as various sectors have different cleaning requirements, for example retail, hospitality, healthcare and manufacturing all have different risk profiles and require different skills. This presents an opportunity for contract cleaners to demonstrate that they understand the new expectations and can provide superior results in a cost-effective way,” Corder added.

Contract cleaners can expect significant changes in their business operations. With stricter standards across the board and different consumer types to be serviced there will be less flexibility in terms of products used and procedures applied. Ongoing training related to cleaning procedures and risk prevention may become compulsory.

During the re-opening phases, cleaning will be more labour intensive. Businesses may hire contract cleaners to perform more frequent deep cleans to meet standards for disinfecting as set out by health authorities. In retail specifically, and in larger spaces contractors who have invested in autonomous cleaning solutions will be able to respond to this requirement.

The healthcare sector already cleans to the highest standards and follows strict cleaning protocols to avoid endangering lives. The value that cleaning can add to this sector is reassurance to patients and visitors that the environment is safe for treatment and recovery. Service providers to this industry will need to demonstrate efficacy and efficiency in their operations.

Education facilities such as schools, colleges, universities are made up of small spaces where many people interact and are high-risk zones for spreading infections which is a cause for a high level of concern among students, parents and employees. To calm fears about cleanliness and hygiene administrators will need to communicate extensively and assure all stakeholders that strict cleaning procedures are being implemented.

The post-COVID-19 period is challenging for all industries that contract cleaners serve. These challenges will provide opportunities for contract cleaners to help clients through these challenging times by providing the required level of skill and cleanliness required.

Issued by HWB Communications Pty Ltd on behalf of Industroclean

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