Where there is darkness crimes will be committed

by Jul 7, 2017Climate Change, Energy0 comments

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WINTER BLACKOUT – Lights will go out, heating systems will stop. There is nothing as depressing as a power outage in the middle of winter. Now consider communities that have to bear the cold and darkness without electricity every day. These are communities that have no infrastructure to enjoy the benefits of lighting, and these are communities that are not serviced by City Power.

Let us help bring LIGHT to this community!

Victor Hugo[1] said “Where there is darkness crimes will be committed. The guilty one is not merely he who commits the crime but he who caused the darkness”.

After two years of failing to get approval from City Power to install solar street lights in the public space of Diepsloot, Greenpeace Africa partnered with the Philile Foundation to at least bring solar-powered streetlights to the Diepsloot Philile ECD Centre. Project Sunshine is all about bringing clean and sustainable energy to communities who don’t have access to energy infrastructure.

Support this project NOW!

With your help, together we can raise R100 000 that will go to installing solar streetlights around the Diepsloot Early Childhood Development Centre.

Your support to the project will prove that it is possible to bring sustainable energy to local communities. It will raise awareness about renewable energy, and how it can sustainably power South Africa.

Make a contribution today to light up the streets!

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