What to do with Chernobyl’s exclusion zone? Build a solar power plant

by Dec 5, 2016Climate Change, Green Building, Pollution0 comments

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Two Chinese firms plan to build a solar power plant right in the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl nuclear reactor. The area has been off limits since 1986 and many areas still have lethal radiation levels.

GCL System Integration Technology will cooperate with China National Complete Engineering Corp with construction planned to start next year. “There will be remarkable social benefits and economic ones as we try to renovate the once damaged area with green and renewable energy,” said Shu Ha, chairman of GCL-SI.

The planned plant has a 1-gigawatt capacity. The exclusion zone around the reactor is a 2,600 square km area of forest and marshland. China is the world’s largest solar power generator, with a current capacity of 43 gigawatts. It also produces 72% of global solar power components.

Read full story: SA Techie

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