The impact of global warming and natural disaster: What kids can do to help!

by Mar 3, 2017Climate Change, Pollution, Recycling0 comments

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As a result of global warming and the deterioration of the environment, the risks of natural disasters are very real, so what can kids do to help? It’s all about awareness and education. Knowing how you can help is the first step, and the more engaged children are, the more they’ll want to get involved.

  1. Learn about their carbon footprint. Ok, so kids don’t drive cars or buy plane tickets, but teach them about carbon footprints early on and they’ll be far more likely to be considerate about it in the future. Passing on the importance of trying to limit our impact on the environment is a big part of helping kids play a role. A great first step is educating them about how overusing fossil fuels, electricity and plastics is becoming a drain on the earth’s resources.
  2. Conserve energy in your home. This is where it all begins. Making the right noises in your home can start the process of showing just how important it is that we save energy. Whether it’s focussing on not overusing electricity one day, and using less hot water the next, keep it consistent and children will quickly take it on as part of their routine.
  3. Encourage others to be environment aware. Armed with the knowledge of how to be more environmentally aware, kids can start to spread the message and encourage their peers to do the same. Encouraging their friends to switch off lights when they leave a room, recycle cardboard rather than throwing it in the bin and not leaving taps running can have a real impact. If every friend tells one friend and they tell another, things become automatic and everyone wins.
  4. Environment-inspired scavenger hunts. One of the best ways you can get across the importance of environmental issues is to make it fun. If it’s fun then you’ve got a captive audience, and a really good way of doing that is with a scavenger hunt. The enjoyment of the game can lead to information going in quickly and being retained better.

You might try a scavenger hunt where children have to find and collect things in their local surroundings. Or go on an online hunt to find out information and answer questions about global warming and natural disasters. However they’re done, scavenger hunts are perfect for re-enforcing the message.

With simple education and consistency we can all do our bit for the environment and lessen the impact of global warming, and kids are no different. Put these steps in place now so that we can all work together to make things better in the future.

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Omo South Africa for scavengar hunting tips
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