Tesla roof tiles will be available for order in April 2017

by Mar 31, 2017Energy, Green Building0 comments

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Tesla announced an amazing innovation in solar panels last year in the form of the Tesla’s roof tiles. The new tiles offer a sleeker look and longer lasting solar cells that, when used with Tesla’s latest Powerwall home battery, could allow a home to run without pulling power from the grid. That is an amazing claim and it is yet to be proven but we all know that Mr Elon Musk is a man of innovation so this latest invention could be a game changer.

So when can people get their hands on the new solar tech? Well according to the man himself, you can start placing orders in April. That is just a few days away so if you have been thinking of going the solar powered route for your home you better make sure you check out the Tesla tiles before spending any cash. Nothing has been said of the price of the tiles and nobody has had a chance to review them yet. In fact, there isn’t even information about whether initial ordering will be limited to certain locations or not.

Source: cnet.com

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