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Robots are now able to fully automatically sort garbage, in order to ensure that all recoverable materials are indeed recovered. This applies to domestic waste that has traditionally been incinerated as well as to electronic waste where high value materials, such as gold, can be extracted.

– Each year, valuable materials worth around five billion DKK are lost in the trash. By exploiting available technology, we will be able to extract a large part of those valuable materials, while protecting the environment and people who manually sort waste, project manager Nils H. Nilsson from DTI says.

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Todayโ€™s sorting of waste is often done by using a combination of low-tech machines and manual labour. This monotonous, exhausting, and, quite often, unhygienic work results in partially usable raw materials with varying degrees of purity.

DTI has been working on the INNOSORT project for the past few years, developing a series of new methods for automated garbage sorting, and the project has finally reached a point where there is a definite light at the end of the waste chute.

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