Revolutionising food waste reduction

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The founders of Green Cell Technologies, Roy Henderson and Jan Vlok, are addressing some of the most pertinent issues relating to food security with their game-changing invention

Henderson and Vlok are garnering international praise for their Disruptor technology, which is enhancing food production. The pair recently received the Frost & Sullivan Visionary Innovation Leadership Award for creating a unique solution to overcome the challenges of food security and the need to reduce the excessive amount of waste generated during the food processing cycle.

Their invention provides manufacturers with a compact and cost-saving technology to process their food more efficiently, reduce waste, and improve nutritional quality. In a statement, Frost & Sullivan said that Green Cell Technologies is a visionary leader addressing one of the most pressing issues facing modern society.

The long road to success

It has taken the business partners some R38 million and nearly 10 years to get to where they are today. Vlok says persistence has been key to their success. “We’ve started several companies to fund our technology. Some have worked and others not, but from each we learnt valuable lessons.”

Henderson says in the beginning they were challenged by the conventional thinking of manufacturers who chose not to see the value in what their invention had to offer.

“We were also challenged by academics and industry experts, but because everything we do is measured and tracked by external independent specialists we are able to back up our claims. This has resulted in public apologies from leading experts who are now confirmed supporters [of] our technology and its capabilities.”

Achievements and future plans

Their inventions, The Disruptor and Dynamic Cellular Disruption, can reduce food waste to virtually zero, or allow any waste to be used productively with little to no harm to the environment. The inventions increase nutrition so that less is needed to feed more people. They have also addressed value chain costs, so it is easier and more cost-effective to produce more and better nutritious foodstuffs.

The Disruptor has been in full commercial mode since 2015 and South Africa is the first country to adopt the invention. Henderson and Vlok are currently in the process of finalising a number of international Disruptor sales with the USA at the top of the list.

“We are currently exploring our international options with a research facility on the cards, as well as expanding our international agencies,” says Henderson.

“We have a host of new ideas and technologies, one being mobile Disruptors and a domestic version. We also have some completely new inventions waiting in the wings which we will unfold as soon as we are happy that the commercial track of the Disruptor is well-established.”

Their advice for aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • Persistence pays off and know when to quit.
  • No one but you can see your vision as clearly as you, but never be ashamed or scared to ask for advice.
  • Celebrate the small battles won and be gracious in the small defeats.
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, these can be your biggest life lessons.
  • If your intent is pure, then the money will come.

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