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Many African farmers do not have access to sufficient refrigeration and cold storage. A Danish company has met this challenge by developing and supplying a digitally controlled cold store which runs 100% on solar energy.

In large parts of Africa, farmers and vendors are forced to look on while food rots away before it reaches the consumer.

Dr Jane Ambuko is an expert in African farming and a researcher from AGRA. She explains that the wastage of fruit and vegetables post-harvest is estimated at 40-50% and in some cases as much as 80% in Africa.

β€œThe shortage of good storage facilities and technology is a very important reason for the large post-harvest waste,” says Dr Jane Ambuko.

Billions for refrigeration in Sub-Saharan Africa
In order to combat the large amount of food waste that results from lack of refrigeration and storage facilities, the World Economic Forum Africa 2016 launched a new public-private sector initiative to invest USD 2 billion in cold storage in Sub-Saharan Africa over the next ten years.

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