Good Morning my darling dearest followers, friends, loved ones, family members etc. etc. etc. – Love you all so much – You are all hottie petottie people no matter your color no matter your shape or size (I honestly do not care You are a Human wtf does that matter!!!!)

After a very very Rocky Start of 2021: My left knee cap dislocated by Uncle Piet & Auntie Ursula very very nice Family of mine in Philadelphia – Just Before Malmesbury on the N7 – Turn Right by the Atlantis Turn off from Cape Town/Melkbosstrand side from the N7 – Plus my feet got swollen from Gout from just having Two Glasses of red wine (daai wyn daai wyn daai donnerse lekker doos wyn blegh – nie nou weer naby my nie no thank you).  All happened on the same evening lol
Anyway long story short Saturday morning in the sea by Gordons Bay did wonders and look where we are in the month and my feet was still swollen up until Saturday wtf!! lol

I am since this weekend very happily in a relationship (My Facebook status is going to remain single due to I am not going to tag him/my hubby/hottie petottie (non-of-your-business-how-he-looks-like!!!) – I met him by total accident on Facebook a Gay Dating Group in South Africa (RSA)

Quickly deleted all my Dating Profiles/apps/groups/posts/social media dating etc this morning – scrubbed from being single virtually and physically lol

I am going to be getting a new Surname (This time round set in permanent marker 4 evah & evah) in a few years we are going to be taking a really nice chill pill and not rush into Things.

Do yourself a Huge Huge mini-stay-cay in SA baby!!!!!! and book yourself a staycay in craycray Cape Town/Schnaapstad/Kaapstad by (go check it out) – Located in Swellendam

For those of you that do not know this about me yet – My Father passed away in 2008 (in his sleep peacefully in the old age home in Malmesbury) – My Mom passed away 9 December 2018 (will never ever ever ever forget this day full day Saturday with her on her death bed – in-graved into my mind, skull body, dna etc. etc. etc.!!!!)

Broke up with my ex in 2019 (been together 15 years)

I am just still getting rid of Debt but buying a huge huge small holding in Swellendam Blank just lots of scenery and gorgeous views and either building a huge Container Home/SIP Panel Home/Huge Wooden Cabin/Modular Home (not sure yet lol – tastes may vary massively by then I am into rustic and old) (Off-Grid plus 70 Meg Rain LTE Uncapped) with technology dot com and the house even speaking to me via voice commands (been in the IT industry on and off for 26 years)

I will even while living in my own place still go book a place by  – It is really just that good and gorgeous nom nom nom

I had such a lovely mini-vaycay since Saturday morning 06:00 I departed from Elim Kuilsriver and took the Saxonburg road (Lovely Cattle Baron on this Road as well nom nom nom) over into Stellenbosch (Via the Zevenwacht Wine Estate Robot on Langverwacht) – went up the mountains paths between the homes in Stellenbosch/Strand/Gordons Bay etc.  By the time I checked my Fitbit 2 it was nearly 11:00AM from having fun with my Ranualt Kwid 1.0 Auto (My little fokkertjie)

Drove to Botriver from Gordons Bay for a few quick pics of the old Cottage which me, Mom, Dad used to live in and my Auntie and Uncle (Vivia, Hannes)

Then off To Swellendam and Oh my holy holy fork what an amazing road trip that was – music blasting full volume on my car sound system – doors locked – aircon on sensually and breezy (stopping a long the way for a few enchies (three one after the other due to I do not ever smoke in my cars)

Anyway long story short met up with my new Hubby and that is it magical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – felt like I was actually abroad in Bali or something like that – never slept constantly in the pool or on the stunning massive bed in Cottage 6 ( ) Upgraded me for free from Cottage 2 – Thank you so much  

Anyway just sharing I am happily involved with someone very very special 🙂 🙂 🙂

Whooohoo after the shirbity start to my year – Wow Wow Wow Magical – Thank you Jesus and God Above and my protective Guardian Angels.

A Huge Huge Thank you to My Awesome/Epic/Rocker forking cool dude Boss/Baas: Mark Douglas plus Bronwynn Douglas and Karen Douglas, Sasha Douglas, Roxy Douglas 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank you for giving me a shot back in the day for my first interview ever in my entire life and the last one (Retiring when I am 120 or 200 years old lol botox and fillers for everyone!!!) xxxx love you so so much 4 evah & evah xxx (I remember that day like it was yesterday – butterflies, knot in stomach etc. etc. – You just smiled and said welcome aboard and we made coffee and smoked a lot of enchies lol)

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