Nissan launches its Tesla Powerwall competitor

by May 20, 2016Energy0 comments

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Carmaker Nissan has announced a rival to Tesla’s Powerwall home battery pack called the xStorage. Like other residential batteries, the device is supposed to pull cheap electricity off the grid during off-peak hours and feed it back into the home when power is in demand and expensive. You can hook it up to renewable energy resources to charge it up off-grid, and Nissan says a companion app will help owners easily monitor usage.

the xstorage costs €4,000 including installation


The xStorage is on sale in Europe only, and Nissan reportedly has no immediate plans to bring it to the US. Prices start at €4,000 ($4,560) for a 4.2 kWh model, which includes installation. By comparison, Tesla’s 6.4 kWh Powerwall costs $3,000, but that doesn’t cover installation and extras. (These raise the total cost to $5,000, according to The Financial Times.) Carmaker Mercedes has also announced plans to sell its own residential batteries (2.5 kWh each, combinable in groups of up to eight), but hasn’t confirmed pricing.

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