Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Announces $15.6 Million in Environmental Grants

by Jul 15, 2016Climate Change, Green Building, Pollution0 comments

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Leonardo DiCaprio has announced that his foundation is awarding its largest-ever round of grants and the charity also has appointed a new CEO.

The 41-year-old Oscar-winning actor’s foundation will grant $15.6 million to fund conservation and environmental programs, and to combat climate change. Overall since 1998, this brings the organization’s total direct financial impact to over $59 million.

“Today we are greatly increasing our level of vital grant making and strategic partnerships to help solve some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges,” Leo said in a statement.

The new CEO of the foundation will be Terry Tamminen, who will oversee operations, the implementation of a new comprehensive climate change action plan, and numerous global environmental and climate change initiatives.

“At this critical time, we are pleased to have Terry join us as CEO,” Leo added. “Terry is a proven leader, with the experience and passion necessary to work alongside [executive director] Justin [Winters] and the entire LDF team to further strengthen and expand the impact of our global efforts.”

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