Large Eco-Friendly Estates Across RSA from companies Abroad

by Jun 8, 2016Green Building1 comment

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If you are looking for the ultimate home and the ultimate Eco-Friendly solutions was used to build your home, then keep an eye on these companies which aim to start building Eco-Estates across South Africa.

They will be focusing on the following aspects of a true Eco-Friendly building: Homes will have Rammed Earth Walls, Only Renewable Energy Will be used on all the homes like Solar Panels and Wind Turbines, Rainwater Harvesting, Wastewater or Grey Water will be recycled for the gardens and where you feel comfortable with using the water like dishwasher and laundry etc., Smart Technologies to monitor and warn where you are wasting the resources in your home and what can be done to improve the waste.

Companies below which will be taking on the massive challenge to bring the stunning Eco-Friendly Estates to South Africa

Climate Incorporated: More detail
Living Future: More detail
ASADURU: More detail

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