Checking If The Tesla Powerwall Is ‘Worth It’ For You

Can you install powerwalls at your home?

Before you look into whether Tesla’s Powerwall 2 is worth it, you need to make sure that you can install the battery at your home.

You can do this yourself by having a look around your home for a suitable location for the powerwall.

Fortunately due to Tesla’s new design it can actually be wall-mounted or floor mounted. This gives you more opportunity to find the perfect home for your Tesla Powerwall 2.

Here are the main things to consider:

  • Tesla’s Powerwall 2 cannot be installed inside or outside of a habitable room unless you want to install a fireproof sheet on the wall at extra cost. 
  • You should consider the cable run from your telsa powerwall 2 to your solar panels, inverter, and switchboard. 
  • Although the Tesla Powerwall 2 is rain and weatherproof, is your location sheltered to help conserve the life and performance of the powerwall
checking your home to install tesla powerwall 2

Do you generate enough excess energy to make powerwall a worth while investment?

It may be that you use more power at night in which case a solar battery would be a wise investment. However, you may find that all of your power is being generated and use during the day.

If there is no excess being sold to the grid then it may suggest that the Tesla powerwall wouldn’t be the right fit for you. This is because you may not have enough energy to charge your battery and not end up using its full potential.

We think that this is the quickest way to find out if the Tesla powerwall is worth it for your personal requirements. 

Here are the main things to consider:

    • Check your solar panel energy usage to see what time of days you are consuming the most power

  • Work out how much power you are selling to the grid, if its not much then consider rethinking the powerwall.
solar energy is renewable

5 Proven Reasons Why Tesla’s Powerwall IS Worth It!

1. You can store the power that you generate

Powerwall offers you a chance to store the power that you generate from your solar panels.

This essentially means more savings from solar power and lower electricity bills. You will be using less power from the grid and more renewable energy that you have generated from your solar panels.

We believe that solar batteries do make sense. If you have a solar panel system that is generating power, there should be a place to put this power.

You can then decide where it should go to be used. The Telsa powerwall 2 lets you control the energy made from your solar panels.

To answer the question ‘is the telsa powerwall 2 worth it’ we say yes. 

store your tesla powerwall 2 power

2. Tesla’s powerwall offers long-lasting warranties

Tesla is offering some pretty long warranties for their powerwall. Both homeowners and Tesla accredited installers can take advantage of these warranteis. 

This makes your investment in powerwall much more secure and it’s a great reason why Tesla’s powerwall is worthwhile.

Long warranties are really great to see because of many reasons. They can provide customers with a risk-free investment for a period of time.

These warranties also show the confidence that Tesla has in its products, knowing that they will perform for a minimum period of time.

We can all shop in confidence knowing that Tesla’s Powerwall 2 isn’t going to break in just a few years of the investment. Long-lasting warranties definitely make Tesla’s Powerwall ‘worth it’. 

Here are the current powerwall warranties;

  1. Your tesla powerwall will be free from defects for 10 years following its initial installation date
  2. The Tesla Powerwall will have an energy retention rate of 70% at 10 years following the initial installation
long lasting tesla powerwall 2 warranties

3. Powerwall can let you become independent from the grid

Is Tesla’s powerwall worth it… For those people who are looking to become completely independent from the grid then Tesla’s powerwall will be worth your investment.

Solar batteries will allow homeowners to become truly independent from the grid. This will mean you can stop paying high prices for electricity.

Becoming independent from the grid can help increase your property value by a massive sum as well. It’s a great feeling knowing that the energy you are using and storing is generated completely by yourself.

Also, that energy is renewable, eco-friendly power made from the sun without any negative side effects.

By being able to say you have accomplished independence from the grid is a good enough reason itself, of why powerwall’s worth it.

4. There is back up power in case of a blackout

Having back up power is another really good reason why Tesla’s powerwall 2 is a great investment.

For any homeowners in more rural areas that may have frequent power outs, powerwall’s features can stop this.

If there is a blackout, you will still have power keeping your food cold and your TV on. You can even invite your neighbors over to share some of your awesome, self-generated power!

By saying goodbye to the grid and becoming independent you can be assured that you are covered during a blackout, or any crisis that happens in the world.

This can give you a great sense of security, and pride knowing that you are covered. For some people, this is the sole reason why the powerwall is worth buying.

get power with tesla powerwall 2 during a blackout

5. Become more environmentally friendly when you buy Tesla’s powerwall

Taking the move to solar and Tesla’s powerwall is extremely environmentally friendly. By producing your own power and then storing it means you are no longer contributing to CO2 and greenhouse gasses.

We are at the forefront of the climate crisis with the situation getting worse every single year.

Your solar panels generate clean, renewable energy which is much better and more eco-friendly than buying energy from the grid.

With your powerwall you can also store your power, completely stopping you from using any harmful energy!

Being one of the front line fighters in the act for climate change certainly shows that installing Tesla’s powerwall is worth doing.

tesla powerwall 2 makes you environmentally friendly



1. Mobile monitoring

The mobile monitoring feature is awesome! It gives you a really great insight into where your power.

You will be able to see how much energy you are producing from your solar panels, and how much energy is being stored.

Also, any power being sold to the grid is also available to view as well. This is a great feature and really helps homeowners oversee and control the power they produce.

tesla powerwall 2 mobile monitoring

2. Customise battery usage

This is a really great feature because it gives you complete control over your power.

Either choose your peak hours or Tesla’s powerwall will learn to use the battery more in peak hours.

By doing this you will be using less energy from the grid and saving more money. We love this feature! 

3. Can charge a tesla car from your powerwall

Really cool feature for those who are ahead of the climate crisis and have an electric car.

Tesla’s powerwall will let you charge your car and take full advantage of renewable, clean energy! 

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