Grand Cancun eco island cleans up the ocean while generating renewable energy

by May 30, 2017Climate Change, Pollution, Recycling0 comments

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Richard Moreta Castillo has envisioned a grand offshore marine platform on stilts to commemorate the 50th anniversary of beginning of Cancun’s development in 2020. Although the design for the mega Grand Cancun eco-complex will include all of the luxury amenities often associated with a project of this scale, including underwater dining and shopping galore, the project’s inspiring eco ethos is all-encompassing.

The entire surface of the offshore platform will be covered in solar panels that will provide energy for both Grand Cancun and the main city’s national grid. Vertical wind turbines and underwater tidal wave energy collectors will produce even more clean energy. A rainwater collection system allows water to be collected and then reused, which combined with a mini desalination plant will make the complex completely self-sufficient.

The zero carbon footprint Grand Cancun mega project is the first marine platform that doesn’t seek to exploit its natural resources. Instead, it seeks to remediate the ocean site in which it is placed. In this case, the platform will filter out hydrocarbons and pollutants to ensure that marine creatures will benefit from a healthier ecosystem and the beachfront’s natural beauty is restored.

+ Richard Moreta Castillo

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