Floating solar is a win-win energy solution for drought-stricken US lakes

by Jul 13, 2016Climate Change, Energy, Green Building0 comments

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Sunbaked southwest US is a prime spot for floatovoltaic projects, where they could produce clean energy and prevent evaporation in major man-made reservoirs, reports Environment 360

Philip Warburg for Environment 360, part of the Guardian Environment Network

Installing floating solar photovoltaic arrays, sometimes called β€œfloatovoltaics,” on a portion of these two reservoirs in the southwestern United States could produce clean, renewable energy while shielding significant expanses of water from the hot desert sun.

The dual energy and environmental benefits of floating solar arrays are already beginning to earn the technology a place in the global clean energy marketplace, with floatovoltaic projects now being built in places as diverse as Australia, Brazil, China, England, India, Japan, South Korea, and California.

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