Farm from a Box Makes it easy for anybody to Farm

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The need to provide a sustainable food supply both domestically and globally is significant and riddled with challenges.  From dwindling natural resources, to a lack of infrastructure that can support reliable crop growth, we need to provide communities with the tools to grow their own food locally and earn a livelihood. 

In response, we developed a comprehensive solution that acts as the “Swiss-Army knife” of sustainable farming; a single, deliverable unit that contains all of the core components needed for a 2-acre farm. Powered by renewable energy, Farm from a Box is ideal for any application that requires a comprehensive system that enables sustained local food production, without need for an existing grid. 

Using regenerative agriculture techniques with precision farming technology, we have developed the most efficient and easy mechanism for starting and maintaining a planted farm. We use regenerative farming practices to grow seasonal, regionally appropriate food.

Each system can be tailored to fit the needs of the end user, available resources, and local climatic conditions. Every unit comes equipped with a renewable power system, internet connectivity, basic farm tools, micro-drip irrigation system and water pump that can be adapted to fit either a groundwell or municipal water supply. 

 Every Farm from a Box unit can be customized with optional components including sensors, water purification units, and even remote monitioring technology. 

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