‘Easy’ being environmentally responsible?

by Jul 15, 2016Climate Change, Pollution, Recycling0 comments

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We’re all a little too aware of the glaring gap that can exist between our words and our actions. Whether it’s preaching about healthy eating followed by a midnight cheesecake binge, or judging another mom’s parenting while also knowing you’re not perfect, either, what we say doesn’t always match up with what we do.  A new study aimed to shed light on the question – Is environmentally responsible living just too expensive?

The survey results outline some pretty interesting findings (and some popular misconceptions about the environmental movement, too.)

Through the responses, we can begin to identify the gap between environmentally responsible ideals and behavior and measure them in black and white numbers.I’ve long suspected that this gap exists in environmental behavior – I’ve seen it in others and admitted it in myself – but now a new study, aptly named It Ain’t Easy Being Green.  

Trulia (in partnership with Harris Poll) conducted an online survey of more than 2,000 people (aged eighteen and older) in the U.S. in March 2016 about ‘environmental consciousness in the United States.’

Read full story: Earth 911

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