Bacardi Initiates a No Straw Movement

by Mar 30, 2016Pollution0 comments

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Bacardi wants you to “hold the straw” with your next drink

Plastic disposable straws are a tremendous source of pollution, with the equivalent of 125 school buses being filled daily with trashed straws in the USA. Bacardi wants people to refuse straws outright and has made several of its venues straw-free.

Everywhere you go, there are people walking around with straws sticking out of their drinks. The drink will last a few minutes, but unfortunately the straw lasts much longer. After being used once, it will get tossed in the landfill, along with 500 million others that are discarded daily in the United States. Eventually the straw will make its way into a waterway or ocean, where it will add to the 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic trash that pollute our oceans, including about 269,000 tons floating on the surface.

Read full story here: Bacardi No Straw Movement

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